“Resilient people are adept at seeing things from another person’s point of view”


We are committed to supporting sustainable high performance in senior teams. Teams need a purpose and a plan, however, they also need strong relationships that can thrive in pressurising and uncertain environments. We coach teams to build warm and robust relationships.

We create space for truthful conversations. We encourage teams to be courageous and go beyond the presenting problems to facilitate adult relationships. We coach teams to model positive behaviours and lead purposefully.

When we coach a team, it is based on thorough diagnosis of existing and new data. This is used both to inform the process and to create a base line against which we can measure progress. All the processes we create are bespoke and are focused on unlocking the potential in the team to fully realise their responsibilities and vision.

“Our Executive Team has worked with TOWARD over the last two years and we have found them to be invaluable in terms of bringing personal and team insights and helping us work together in a much more effective way, with enhanced understanding of ourselves and the ways in which we interact. Their style is always open, friendly and constructive with team sessions delivered in a relaxed and informal way, yet always getting to the heart of key leadership issues or opportunities.

They also worked with my own business leadership team and I found they adapt very well to the needs of the people they work with, rather than sticking to any prescribed approach. They have all the technical development resources at their fingertips and apply really relevant stuff when it is needed. They are also able to engage in business issues and helped us to understand and provide better focus in many different challenging business areas. A very valuable resource I would use again.”

Rick Hunkin, CRO, Future Williams & Glyn

“We found TOWARD’S assessment of our partner team’s culture, and therefore what we needed to work on, spot-on. Certainly, much more insightful than a generic view on the challenges facing leaders of professional services firms. The subsequent programme, although challenging, then helped to drive conversations between peers on sensitive issues, ultimately helping us to foster a more unified spirit.”

Karen Seward, Managing Partner Global Litigation, Allen & Overy

“TOWARD has been working with Martin Currie over the past year.  Initially this work focused on the coaching of myself as CEO and this has developed into a broader role with the executive team on its dynamics and working relationships.I have found the TOWARD approach to be innovative, engaged and very much targeted at helping individuals and teams fulfil their potential.  Working with TOWARD has equipped me much more fully to conduct my CEO role and I have felt rejuvenated following the work of the past year.  My executive colleagues have taken much from the team working sessions that we have and we are following up on team effectiveness in a practical and enjoyable way.”

Willie Watt, CEO Martin Currie

“We have worked extremely closely with TOWARD this year on developing our leadership team and the results have been superb. The preparation and attention to detail TOWARD put into really understanding our organisation and the key individuals they would be working with was refreshing and this really gave a firm foundation upon which to start their work.

The Executive Team and the Heads of Department group all gained a huge amount from the courses personally and that individual growth was then stitched into the team dynamic with great skill by the TOWARD team.

Most importantly from my perspective the TOWARD team genuinely cared about our people and what we are trying to achieve together and that radiated through everything they did with us.”

Ed Fletcher, CEO Fletchers Solicitors

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