“One cannot teach a man anything. One can only enable him to learn from within himself”

Galileo Galilei

Through our Leadership Programmes TOWARD has the privilege of developing hundreds of the world’s most senior leaders.

TOWARD has created and delivered a diverse range of bespoke leadership programmes using knowledge-based experiential learning. Our programmes don’t just focus on the ‘now’, they support sustainable changes in leaders by using simple and innovative methods to embed the learning for the future. We are also committed to ensuring that our programmes are applicable and practice based rather than purely intellectual and conceptual.

We use a blended learning approach where we draw from a range of remote and face-to-face interventions. Our programmes typically last 6-12 months however the length of time and the methodology will be developed in partnership with the client.

We support organisations to self-heal and self-lead, in other words, whilst it is critical to the health of an organisation to have external input, we want our clients to stand on their own feet.

“We are engaged in transforming our wealth management business and taking on some very ambitious goals and projects. I found that the TOWARD Leadership Programme enabled me to re-think some of my own leadership style and the way I go about working towards personal and corporate goals.”

Michael Morley, Chief Executive, Coutts & Co.

“We engaged with TOWARD to work with groups of senior individuals and facilitate their progression into more senior or different roles. TOWARD’s partnership with our HR organisation and their support for the individuals both inside and outside the classroom has been outstanding and enormously successful for our business.”

Kevin Ball, HR Director CDK Global

“I have really benefited from my experiences working with TOWARD. We have worked together during a time of great change for me personally and for my company. Their programme aided my understanding of what drives me as a person and this has helped me focus on the things that I feel are most important. The journey wasn’t and won’t always be easy, however, I certainly feel more contented and I hope, have become a better leader.”

Stuart Haire, MD Direct Bank, RBS

If you would like to find out more about how we can develop your leaders, please contact us.