“The TOWARD team generate a safe space where they challenge your thoughts, ask deep and meaningful questions but most of all give you time to consider what it really means to you. It’s personal it’s not preaching from a text book or death by a hundred slides, it was very thought invoking and highly rewarding experience.  One that has truly changed my professional and personal outlook.”

Rob Murray, Vice President Implementation and Support, CDK Global

“We found TOWARD’s assessment of our partner team’s culture, and therefore what we needed to work on, spot-on. Certainly, much more insightful than a generic view on the challenges facing leaders of professional services firms.”

Karen Seward, Managing Partner Global Litigation, Allen & Overy

“TOWARD has been working with Martin Currie over the past year. I have found the TOWARD approach to be innovative, engaged and very much targeted at helping individuals and teams fulfil their potential. Working with my TOWARD coach, has equipped me to conduct my CEO role, much more fully and I have felt rejuvenated following the work of the past year.”

Willie Watt, CEO Martin Currie

“We have worked extremely closely with TOWARD this year on developing our leadership team and the results have been superb. The preparation and attention to detail TOWARD put into really understanding our organisation and the key individuals they would be working with was refreshing and this really gave a firm foundation upon which to start their work.”

Ed Fletcher, CEO Fletchers Solicitors

“I am leading a wholesale change programme in World Vision Angola and engaged TOWARD to help build a high performing senior management team from the ground up.

The TOWARD team hit the ground running, built excellent relationships with each manager, were quick to understand the business and delivered a bespoke leadership development programme that was fine tuned to address specific needs identified during the initial diagnostic phase. TOWARD were authentic, passionate and created the space for real personal and professional growth.”

Grenville Hopkinson, National Director, World Vision

“We engaged with TOWARD to work with groups of senior leaders and facilitate their progression into more senior or different roles. TOWARD’s partnership with our HR organisation and their support for the individuals both inside and outside the classroom has been outstanding and enormously successful for our business.”

Kevin Ball, VP of Human Resources, CDK Global

“We are using the lessons we have learnt through team coaching to build our future plans. The insights the TOWARD team has brought to understanding our team dynamics, individual challenges and resilience are helping our Leadership team with behavioural changes, in particular in changing the way we run our Executive meetings.”

Ian McLaughlin, MD Specialist Banking, RBS

“Working with my Executive Coach has allowed me the time & space to step back from the business & critically review how I am leading as I came into a new role. The sessions have challenged me to remain committed to who I am as a leader and bring that into my leadership. I have been able to walk away with clear actions that I can use within the business and see that they have made real impact.”

Mike Larkin, Finance Director RBS

“I have participated in a number of TOWARD leadership programmes. The supporting materials are of a very high standard and the residentials were set in an atmosphere of engagement, challenge and reflection.  This tone paved the way for open and honest dialogue enabling me to really get to know colleagues and the hierarchy but perhaps more importantly to reflect and heighten my own self –awareness, behavioural traits and values.”

John McManus, Country General Manager, CDK Global

“We are engaged in transforming our wealth management business and taking on some very ambitious goals and projects. I found that the TOWARD Leadership Programme enabled me to re-think some of my own leadership style and the way I go about working towards personal and corporate goals.”

Michael Morley, Chief Executive, Coutts & Co.

“I was very skeptical going into the session but my coach was very skillful in helping me to think through the issues and solve the problems myself. At times it was awkward and a little painful but I have to say it ended up being a very enlightening and positive experience. The acid test for me is, 6 months on am I still applying the teachings and getting enhanced results?……yes and yes!”

Caroline Hindley, Sector Lead, EMEA, Concentrix

“TOWARD shared new concepts and ideas with a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm. The exercises were insightful and thought provoking. They were able to ensure that we included our current and real life examples and the team came away with clear actions on how to tackle current issues. This resulted in, every member of the team reporting a measurable improvement against their action plan.”

Emma Blaney, Group HR Director, Informa

“I have taken part in a series of one to one and team coaching sessions with TOWARD. I found these sessions to be both stimulating and energising. The team were very skilled at drawing out the real issues and challenges which I faced and I left each session feeling I had a clear action plan and the determination to follow through on the decisions reached. I feel I have learned some useful coaching skills and techniques from them – particularly when they facilitated the peer coaching sessions and I enjoyed coaching my peers and helping them focus on the issues they brought to the session.”

Chris Ross, Managing Partner, John McKee Solicitors

“Coaching gave me the confidence to be honest, not only with others in my team, but with myself.”

Avril McCammon,  Partner, John McKee Solicitors

“My coach was fantastic in coaching me to realise what was holding me back from fulfilling my true potential. I now know that I have the confidence and self-belief to be able to start my development journey, on the road to being an authentic leader.”

Sara Duxbury, Head of People, Fletchers Solicitors

“Our Executive Team has worked with TOWARD over the last two years and we have found them to be invaluable in terms of bringing personal and team insights and helping us work together in a much more effective way, with enhanced understanding of ourselves and the ways in which we interact. Their style is always open, friendly and constructive with team sessions delivered in a relaxed and informal way, yet always getting to the heart of key leadership issues or opportunities.

Rick Hunkin, CRO, Future Williams & Glyn