“We are what we repeatedly do.”




The success of an organisation can rise and fall on its culture. We believe that leadership development and organisational culture are inextricably connected.

Culture is a carrier of meaning. It provides not only a shared view of ‘what is’, but also of ‘why is’. In this view, culture is about ‘the story’ in which people in a country, community or organisation are embedded, and the values and rituals that reinforce that narrative. 

The culture of an organisation is therefore the system of shared assumptions, values and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organisations. These shared values have a strong influence on the people in the organisation, and can dictate how they perform, act, and even dress.

“At Concentrix we pride ourselves on our passion and commitment to our distinct culture. The TOWARD team helped us, at a critical time in our business, articulate specific culture statements that have proved to be the uniting force of our success and the value we bring to our clients’ businesses. With TOWARD’s help, we were able to bring to life consistent, powerful understanding and internalization of each statement across more than 240,000 staff in 40+ countries through the use of experiential learning processes and storytelling.”

Steve Richie, Senior VP Legal & Human Resources, Concentrix

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