Useful to Know

There are lots of things that are useful to know.

It’s useful to know that the traffic backs up at a particular spot at a particular time, every day. If you leave 15 minutes earlier or later, you can save yourself a bit of daily frustration.

It’s useful to know that infants learn to socialise primarily between the ages of two and four, and that ‘rough and tumble play’ plays a key role in this process. So get physical with your toddler if you want them to become a person others might want to play with.

It’s useful to know fennel compliments a fish dish beautifully. There’s something about the aniseed flavour…

It’s useful to know more. Read. Listen to podcasts. Talk to others.

However, in our experience, many of the challenges leaders face are not necessarily tackled with the acquisition of new knowledge. Undoubtedly, it can be useful to know which communication preferences belong to which personality type. It can be useful to know which morning routines might optimise your energy and focus. It can be useful to know how someone else did it in the past.

Leadership challenges need to be tackled with courage. It takes courage to identify as the point of accountability. It takes courage to put forward your vision. It takes courage to ask questions like:

– What do you think?

– What would happen if?

– Are you getting everything you need from me?

The answers to these types of questions might be really useful for you to know.