Turning the Dial

The TOWARD team hopes you enjoy a good, refreshing break at some stage during the summer of 2018. In the sunshine you many feel the urge to turn up the dial on your car radio, and in the heat you might have to turn down the temperature dial on your air conditioning.

Turning the dial is a useful idea that we often use in coaching senior leaders. Coaching is a supportive space to develop your flexibility as a leader and this can involve experimenting with thinking and behaving differently. We often see leaders turning up or turning down the dial on aspects of leadership they want to improve.

Some senior leaders will turn up the dial on the passion they bring to sharing a compelling vision for their people.

Others will notice and skilfully dial down the negative internal dialogue that feeds self-doubt and harsh self-criticism that undermines confidence and resilience.

Some leaders will turn up or turn down the dial on how much they contribute in meetings, and notice the difference for them, for others in the meeting and on the outcome.

Other leaders will turn up or turn down the dial on how directive and non-directive they are as they develop a coaching style of leadership.

The positive result of turning the dial is often a recalibration or tweaking of a leadership style for the better. This flexibility can produce:

• improved communication within a team
• increased feelings of resilience
• expanded awareness of how one’s behaviour impacts others and the business
• enhanced capability to use power and influence effectively and sensitively

So as you enjoy the summer of 2018, why not reflect on how you can turn the dial and increase your flexibility as a leader through periods of uncertainty and change.