The Power of Story

We believe in the power of story to create positive change within organisations.

To be human is to tell stories. Since the beginnings of human civilisation people sat down in a circle around a fire and told each other stories. And the stories they told defined who they were, their vision of the future, what they believed, what was right and what was wrong.

We believe that storytelling is an essential tool for senior leaders in large organisations. It’s a simple and natural way to share vision, values and purpose, in meetings, digitally or informally at the water cooler.

Recently TOWARD supported a global company, which had just completed a massive acquisition, to use storytelling as a way of embedding the desired culture and leadership behaviours across the newly enlarged organisation. It was exciting to hear their people create 10,000 stories across the globe to build a shared narrative of the company’s values and culture.

There’s a Native American saying that says ‘It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story’. We believe that senior leaders can develop skills to create a compelling vision for the future and then stimulate a web of stories within organisations that will embed values across teams and countries and drive culture change that builds a level of high performance that is sustainable. That’s the power of story.