Welcome to the Fast Forward 3 Programme

Congratulations on being selected as a participant on this programme. We recognise that there will be significant achievements ahead as you grow and develop in your journey as a leader within Coca-Cola Hellenic. We are looking forward to walking alongside you over the next 18 months of your development journey.

Fast Forward 3 is supported by a series of podcasts. Each podcast is specifically designed to support particular aspects of the programme. Some of the podcasts may introduce you to specific concepts in advance of your attendance at the residential event. Others may provide you with guidelines on how to get the most out of the residential sessions.

Most of the podcasts will only require you to listen. However, in one or two cases, you may be required to reflect on certain questions that are posed within the podcast and take note of your responses. Please listen to each podcast in advance of the corresponding component of your programme.

Kind regards,