Going Online

Formal coaching with a qualified coach involves taking purposeful, protected time out of the day job with a coach to make progress towards specific goals. This type of coaching can create space for reflection, which in turn often paves the way to profound learning. We refer to this as ‘off-line’ coaching. People typically feedback that they feel a greater sense of clarity, confidence, and trust in themselves as a result of coaching. 

However, there is another type of coaching that we refer to as ‘online coaching’. This is more informal in nature, and anyone can coach in this way. It’s a style of interacting and working that is characterised by asking questions, listening intently, and supporting others to build clarity and commitment to their own desired way forward. 

When this is the predominant means by which people interact with each other in an organisation, we believe that a coaching culture exists. Instead of overhearing one colleague say to another, “this is what I think you should do”, you might hear them ask, “what do you think you could do?”

Leaders of the future will be hosts and facilitators of conversation. Key skills will be the ability to listen to differing points of view, synthesise these, and guide others towards the ‘good enough’ way forward. So talk less, ask more, and seek out opportunities for online coaching.