Forced Evolution

Sometimes unpredictable events happen that force the movement of evolution.
Like a meteor hitting earth.
In TOWARD, we’ve always been passionate about Team Coaching. It’s part of the diet that we really savour.

And, if you roll the clock back 12 months, we had a POV established about some of the critical requirements for successful Team Coaching. Part of this focused on the ‘environment’; we firmly believed that all Team Coaching needed to be face to face and preferable in an off-site, comfortable environment that allowed participants to safely relax into the unfolding dialogue.
We potentially would have turned on our heels if the client demanded remote Team Coaching. “Remote?! On a screen?!!”

Now, after our own version of a meteor has struck, in the form of Covid-19, we’ve had to evolve. Our arm (and brain) has been twisted.

We’ve shed some of our pre-existing limiting beliefs and have (drum roll) been delivering remote Team Coaching with existing clients : )

And, so far, things have been pretty good.
We had a chat in the virtual office today…a bit of a debrief about what we’ve learned this week as we’ve been delivering. What was great? What felt de-energising? And we’ve documented all our learnings and questions to help us continue to grow and evolve. We want to develop increased mastery in this space.

Maybe there’s a bit of pain needed for certain types of evolution? There’s certainly a different type of energy required. Regardless, the point is that we are evolving. We are growing…and, we are delighted to say that it feels really, really good.

Some questions that may be good for you to consider are:
– How important is psychological safety to your team?
– How important is the quality of the relationship to the performance of your team?
– What are you putting in place to help you all manage this really well?