Depth of Commitment

“Everyone at the team off-site agreed to collaborate more but then we all went away and continued to do our own thing.” 

This is one of the frustrations we often hear. Members of a team agree one thing in a meeting and then go away and don’t do it. If there is a sense that team members have no intention of doing what they have agreed to then trust and relationships are undermined. 

One of the key elements in the TOWARD Team Coaching Model is Depth of Commitment. Once a team has regular breathing space, relationships are flowing well and there is clarity of purpose, the final piece of the jigsaw is depth of commitment. High performing teams are committed to each other and they are committed to following through on delivering on their agreed purpose, ways of working and actions.

We regularly challenge team members to consider their level of commitment to action and how they will hold each other to account. A good way of testing depth of commitment is to ask for an honest answer to the question, “On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to doing this?” If the score is low it’s a good indication that you aren’t going to follow through. This opens up an opportunity explore what alternatives would win your wholehearted commitment and team members can agree a better solution.In the most high performing teams, everyone does what they say they will do.

The TOWARD Team