Dealing with Derailers

There are many things that can derail each of us.  Internal and external factors seek to knock us off course.  This will not be news to you.  Derailers need to be dealt with—they deplete us and exhaust resources. In working with leaders, we see the difference intentional, visionary and disciplined leadership makes in confronting derailers.

Intentional. Being intentional involves naming reality and being clear on your values. This requires courage and honesty to name reality both to oneself and other stakeholders.  When you name reality and are rooted in your values you can move forward with greater focus and stop being pulled from side to side.

Visionary. This involves having a clear, overarching aim.  What is your purpose? What are the goals that flow out of this purpose?  If you are unclear on where you are headed, the derailers you face may not be identified or the weight of their threat may be underestimated.

Disciplined. This involves long-term commitment to live out your mission. What is your identity—as a leader in your organisation, as a family member, as a volunteer? Clarity on mission develops your ability to identify derailing behaviours that distract you from your commitment to live and lead each day in light of your mission.

In order to move towards more intentional, visionary and disciplined leadership, identify where you need to pause and reflect, and where you need to take action.  You will keep yourself on track and the derailers at bay.