of the Executive team noted that there has been a ‘noticeable improvement’ in their joint clarity of purpose over 12 months

of the Executive team noted that the development process facilitated by TOWARD supported the team to perform more effectively

“The ability to feel safe and secure in sharing freely with your colleagues is critical, especially at this level.”
Senior Team Member


A 12-month blended learning approaching including team off-sites and 1:1 work with an Executive Committee.


Senior Leaders

What was the request from the client?

TOWARD was asked by a large banking client to complete a 12-month development process for an Executive Committee team to help them become more functional and better aligned with a joint sense of purpose in order to improve business performance.

We were approached when the team were facing challenges such as:

  • Increasing and intense regulatory pressure and scrutiny;
  • Several far-reaching business restructures;
  • Several divisional reorganisations;
  • A number of changes to the Executive Committee team and
  • Managing the public perception of becoming a ‘trust worthy’ business again

TOWARD was approached because of their track record in senior team development.