“If you are not committed you don’t believe and, if you don’t believe, you will not be an authentic leader.”

Chris Wilson, Royal Bank of Scotland

An interview with Chris Wilson. In this interview, Chris shares his thoughts on commitment and its impact on him and his team.

What does commitment look like to you in your business?

Commitment in our business looks like people who care about their customers and the role of our business in the community to the extent that they find ways to overcome many barriers to deliver life long relationships, both with their customers and with our business.

For example, last week I met a member of staff who had noticed there were a couple of deaf customers using her branch. She had learned basic sign language in the past and took it upon herself to learn sign language fully. She now has over twenty deaf customers from across the city who come to her branch. No one asked this amazing lady to do this, she chose to do it. This is the clearest example of the power of committed people I have seen for some time.

How important is commitment to running a successful business?

For long term sustainable success delivered by people who care about their business, I’d say it’s critical.

How important is commitment to effective leadership?

If you are not committed you don’t believe and, if you don’t believe, you will not be an authentic leader. Commitment is the energy that will inspire a team to try that little bit harder when the going gets challenging.

How do you create a team of committed people?

Connect them to something that they believe in strongly and that fits with their values. Then, agree what we are committed to achieving and the part they can play, let them get on with it and be there for them when they need you. Finally, when they are successful, make sure you understand what would make them feel valued and do that for them.

What are the indicators of commitment in your team?

Whether it feels we are enjoying the time we spend together and that we care about each other.

How do you maintain your levels of commitment personally?

Knowing how what I am doing is enabling some thing good to happen for my customers, my colleagues and my family.

What encouragement or advice would you share with others who are struggling with commitment?

Work out ‘the why’ of the thing you are trying to commit to, whether a personal, team or business goal. If you take the time to connect with why it is a good thing to do then what it will achieve, I believe commitment will follow.


Chris Wilson

Chris is a qualified lawyer with experience of both Scots and English Law. He worked for almost 6 years with Burness LLP, one of the largest commercial law firms in Scotland before joining Royal Bank of Scotland in 2004 with responsibility for property and purchasing strategy as well as the outsourcing of business processes. In 2006, he took up a key role with Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance, (now Direct Line Group), where, some short time later, he was appointed to an Executive level role with specific responsibility for running the repair centre division of the group and the fulfillment of all home and motor insurance claims.

In 2011, Chris was appointed Commercial Director for Direct Line’s Growth Portfolio with responsibility for a portfolio of insurance businesses including Green Flag Breakdown Assistance. Chris is currently Managing Director of Royal Bank of Scotland’s Branch and Private Banking network in Scotland with responsibility for over 285 branches and almost 2,000 staff across the country.