Turning the Dial

The TOWARD team hopes you enjoy a good, refreshing break at some stage during the summer of 2018. In the sunshine you many feel the urge to turn up the dial on your car radio, and in the heat you might have to turn down the temperature dial on your air conditioning. Turning the dial… Read more

Keeping it Simple

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; American Poet In recent times our Team Coaching work has involved working with teams who are in constant transition in terms of both their priorities and their membership. These teams are constantly reshaping and reforming everything from the… Read more

Leading effectively in transition & uncertainty

In this podcast (click here) we explore how leaders can lead effectively in times of transition and uncertainty. Leaders appear to be operating in an ever more complex and rapidly changing environment. This has implications for how you sustain your levels of energy and commitment. Towards the end, the podcast poses several reflection questions, so… Read more

Ask, Don’t Tell

There’s a great YouTube video, which shows Sir John Whitmore, one of the founders of coaching, working with a novice golfer. He adopts a pure coaching approach, raising awareness and generating responsibility in the golfer he’s working with. He asks her what she notices as she hits the ball, and what further developments she would… Read more

Kissing Frogs

A recent article in the Irish media explored the area of Executive Coaching and Coaching Cultures.  The article spoke of the importance of getting the chemistry right with a coach and that this can mean you check out a number of coaches – a process described in the article as similar to “kissing frogs” before… Read more

Elephants and Worms

We believe that high performing teams need elephants and worms! Effective teams have the courage to talk about ‘the elephant in the room’ and have the confidence and skills to ‘open a can of worms’. The success of any team rises and falls on the quality of the relationships. If the relationships don’t function and… Read more