Beyond Binary Thinking

In 1941 the world’s most famous cat and mouse first appeared in a cartoon under the names ‘Tom and Jerry’. This year they are 78 years old. Generations of children have watched Tom’s numerous attempts to capture Jerry and all the mayhem that follows. There’s something iconic about the conflict between the bad cat and… Read more

Useful to Know

There are lots of things that are useful to know. It’s useful to know that the traffic backs up at a particular spot at a particular time, every day. If you leave 15 minutes earlier or later, you can save yourself a bit of daily frustration. It’s useful to know that infants learn to socialise… Read more

Between Gratitude and Assertion

We should all be grateful. Grateful for our jobs and options and networks and technologies. Grateful for the good stuff we have going on in our lives. Practicing the attitude of gratitude is healthy and is to be encouraged. It leads to greater feelings of happiness, optimism and self-worth. Gratitude has a dark side, however…. Read more


One of the most beautiful sights in the world, at this time of the year, is the flowering cherry tree. Visit Japan in springtime and you will never forget the image of seas of cherry trees flourishing with perfect pink blooms. The delicate pink petals only flourish for a few weeks at the beginning of… Read more

The Thought Leader

Many people in organisations have aspirations to position themselves as a thought leader, or a subject matter expert. After all, ‘knowledge is power’, and we live in a ‘knowledge economy’. Leaders often think that what is holding them back is a lack of knowledge or experience. But how can that be, when we live in… Read more

Creating Your Ideal Future

It’s that time of the year again, when we look back at what we have achieved in the previous twelve months and look forward to what we want to achieve in the New Year. As you look forward in 2019 you can begin to create your ideal future by reflecting on the following coaching questions…. Read more