Between Gratitude and Assertion

We should all be grateful.

Grateful for our jobs and options and networks and technologies. Grateful for the good stuff we have going on in our lives. Practicing the attitude of gratitude is healthy and is to be encouraged. It leads to greater feelings of happiness, optimism and self-worth.

Gratitude has a dark side, however. Sometimes others weaponise it in order to keep us in our box:
“You should just be grateful you have a job!”, or
“Be grateful things aren’t even worse than they already are!”

Or, perhaps even more common and detrimental, we personally misuse or misinterpret gratitude:
“I can withstand that small indiscretion, I’m just happy to be here”, or
“I’m so grateful to be here, I’ll take on any and everything”.

Confused gratitude leaves the door open for others to encroach on our boundaries. We settle for the status quo. We don’t identify what we want and go after it with purpose.

As a leader, we would encourage you to examine your position on the continuum between gratitude and assertion. We believe that impactful leaders have a balanced view on what they are grateful for, what they deserve and what they want. They are able to acknowledge and appreciate that which they are fortunate to have, but they are also furnished with the self-knowledge and awareness to put forth their contributions assertively. They are clear on their strengths and the value they can add.

Bold, assertive leadership is in high demand. Put your hand up, and make it happen. Others will be grateful you did.

The TOWARD team.