A Moment That Matters

“[People] never made any material as resilient as the human spirit” 

Bernard Williams

In conversations with clients in recent days we have spent time reflecting on the turmoil of the past 6 weeks or so.  

For many, those early weeks of “lockdown” across Europe, the US and beyond feel like a blur where people grappled to get used to working at home with children and partners or to being alone in their own home for what could still be a significant stretch of time.  Many are dealing with worry about vulnerable loved ones or colleagues.  Boundaries are blurred more than ever before between work and home identities; people are fatigued with constant video calls and chats.

What became clear however, across the conversations, was that even in situations of despair and loss, the human spirit seeks to thrive.  

People spoke of how their teams were working more collaboratively, transparently and delivering on significant challenges – many of which had seemed impossible a matter of months ago.  Others spoke of self-reflection and learning about what they truly value and what energises them.  

One theme which recurred again and again was that this is a moment that matters for all of us as we navigate the storm – there is learning, change and fulfilment which the current crisis can offer us.  It’s up to each of us as people and as leaders to find that learning for ourselves.

As we move forward, the TOWARD team encourage you to

  • Be kind and generous to yourself and others
  • Let go of those behaviours and habits which may not support you right now
  • Seek the opportunity to learn and change