The Builder’s House

A client I was coaching recently asked me, “So, what’s TOWARD like as a place to work in? Are you like a builder’s house…a shambles inside because you’re too busy doing the work outside?” He had a little twinkle in his eye as he was hoping to discover something ‘juicy’ about our culture! It’s an… Read more

Emotional Control

The topic of emotional control is one that comes up frequently in our coaching interactions with senior business leaders. We hear many clients speak of their struggle to control their anxieties and emotions, particularly in workplace environments. They explain how they deal poorly with even the slightest provocation, becoming acutely reactive to a particular tone,… Read more

The Power of Story

I believe in the power of story to create change within organisations. To be human is to tell stories. Since the beginning of human civilization people sat down in a circle around a fire and told each other stories. And the stories they told defined who they were, their vision of the future, what they… Read more

Welcome to Canary!

Did you know that your behaviours can either create crisis or build resilience in your organisation? Canary, developed by TOWARD, is the first occupational psychometric in the world to measures 6 behaviours known to build resilience. The 6 behaviours are: Consultative Sensemaking Openness to Feedback Transparency Engagement with Expertise Flexibility toward Hierarchies Research indicates that… Read more

Staying Flexible, Maintaining Control

“People can achieve very substantial personal change when they follow a detailed yet flexible plan.” Dr. Rodger Graham I recall once seeing a poster at a golf driving range advising players on optimal grip. “Hold the club as if it is a tube of toothpaste, but do not dent it” As a teenager this struck… Read more