Depth of Commitment

“Everyone at the team off-site agreed to collaborate more but then we all went away and continued to do our own thing.”  This is one of the frustrations we often hear. Members of a team agree one thing in a meeting and then go away and don’t do it. If there is a sense that… Read more

Recipes and Orchestras

There are some really helpful personality tests and measures on the market. We use several of them in our work with teams, as they provide science-based scaffolding within which to explore and appreciate individual differences. By framing their results in terms of ‘preferences’ rather than strengths or weaknesses, discussions can be open and fruitful as… Read more

Choices, Choices

Leaders get stuck when they think they have no choice. We sometimes hear leaders saying ‘I’ve no choice in the matter’. Thinking you have no choice is a disempowered place to be. An important part of coaching is to ask questions that open up a wider range of choices. A leader who coaches will ask… Read more

Risky Business

“A bit of advice given to a young Native American at the time of his initiation: “As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm. Jump. It’s not as wide as you think.”   Joseph Campbell The 2015 Google research on teams highlighted that psychological safety is a key ingredient in building… Read more

Is Your Feedback Past Its Sell-By Date?

As coaches we believe that good quality feedback can support you as a leader to reach your full potential. The ability to hear challenging feedback, find the truth in it and then change your behaviour appropriately is a key trait of high-performing leaders. It takes practice (and a little humility!), but it can be learned…. Read more

Dealing with Derailers

There are many things that can derail each of us.  Internal and external factors seek to knock us off course.  This will not be news to you.  Derailers need to be dealt with—they deplete us and exhaust resources. In working with leaders, we see the difference intentional, visionary and disciplined leadership makes in confronting derailers…. Read more