Left Brain, Right Brain

“Things change according to the stance we adopt to them, the type of attention we pay to them, the disposition we hold in relation to them.” Iain McGilchrist, from The Master & His Emissary The left hemisphere of the brain has been characterised as being realistic, rational, and dull. It is preoccupied with being ‘correct’, and… Read more

A new TOWARD offering in the COVID-19 crisis

For the past 14 years, TOWARD has been supporting organisations and leaders to build resilience and resource themselves in an ever changing and complex world. As the TOWARD team, we are passionately committed to supporting our clients in the current global crisis.  To this end, we have developed a proposition which we hope you will… Read more

Peanut Butter Teams

Teams can behave like two different kinds of peanut butter – Smooth and Crunchy Nut. Seriously! When teams are in a Smooth Peanut Butter phase, differences are smoothed over and conflict is avoided. Team members are more concerned about being okay with each other than about the growth and performance of the team. Team members… Read more

Who Are You?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw In a recent coaching session, a client shared her learning and reflections.  Working in technical roles throughout her career, the client had fine-tuned her rationale, logic and analysis skills to build success.  As with many other technical experts, this had helped her achieve a… Read more

Speak Up! Listen Up!

One of the most common dynamics we see in conversations in senior teams is leaders who find it challenging to speak up and leaders who seem unable to listen up.  At the start of every team coaching session we support team members to be aware of their speaking and listening. We encourage everyone to participate… Read more

Green Shoots

In his book The Second Mountain David Brooks references a story he read about a guy who bought a house with bamboo growing near his driveway.  He wanted to get rid of it.  So, he cut down the bamboo, chopped the roots, and, just to offer one final blow, poured plant poison over any roots that lingered. The hole that… Read more